Advanced Social Media Marketing Training at Vijayawada

Session 1

  • Importance of social media marketing and its pillars

    • Social Listening

    • Social Influencing

    • Social Networking

    • Social Selling

  • Key steps for social media success

  • Overview of creating a social media marketing plan

  • Facebook marketing and its effective hacks

    • FB ads campaign creation

    • Usage of power editor to create a campaign

    • Facebook pixels

    • Facebook custom audiences and remarketing

    • Facebook conversion and event tracking

  • Introduction to FB Store

  • Facebook Insights

  • Instagram marketing tips and tricks

    • Instagram ads campaign creation

    • Influencer marketing on Instagram

  • Instagram analytics

Session 2

  • LinkedIn marketing and its best practices

    • Personal profile vs professional profiles

    • Factors to consider in creating a company profile

    • Ways of lead prospecting in LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn ads campaign creation

    • Usage of LinkedIn pulse for article marketing

  • Twitter marketing and its components

    • Best practices for creating brand on Twitter 

    • Hashtags marketing on Twitter

    • Tips and Tricks for creating an engaging tweet

    • Twitter ads campaign creation

    • Twitter analytics

    • Twitter Cards

    • Social listening tool for Twitter

  • Quora Marketing and its best practices

    • Create a Quora profile

    • Create a Quora topic on brand name

    • Quora Ads campaign creation

  • Importance of presence on other social media channels

    • Pinterest

Session 3

  • Importance of using essential social media tools

    • Auto scheduler for social posts

    • Alert tool about the mentions

    • Analyzes audience’s most discussed topics in Twitter

    • Identify potential customers in the audience network

    • Manage all social media communication from one channel

    • Listen and engage with your customers on social media

    • Find the reviews that need response, and share positive reviews to social networks

  • Social media tools

    • Hootsuite - It allows you to manage all your social media in one place. it’s easy to add multiple accounts, easy to schedule posts across all major platforms and easy to add account managers

    • Nexalogy - It analyzes the people you follow and/or a hashtag or search term, and displays the concepts people are talking about, the most shared links, and the key influencers, among other data.

    • Audiences - It is a social marketing platform with rich, actionable insight and marketing tools to engage audiences based on what they say, who they are, and how they think.

    • Zendesk - It allows customer support teams to monitor and manage their social media channels and support tickets from one location. View ticket details including status, requester, subject, description, comments, groups, assignees and more.

    • Buffer: It makes it easy to share content and automatically schedules the distribution to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus. It works by staggering content throughout the day: you set the pace and then Buffer will do the rest.

    • Agorapulse: The content publishing features are among the best, with aesthetic visual previews of all content, and an effective evergreen content publishing system that saves a lot of time. Additionally, the social media inbox lets you quickly go through incoming messages across any of your social accounts, check them off, and keep the mess out of your email inbox.

    • SproutSocial: It provides the ability to manage multiple networks all in one place. A prominent feature that sets Sprout Social apart from its competitors is its unified inbox. All of your opportunities for engagement will arrive in one easy to understand format.

    • BuzzSumo: It is an excellent tool for finding popular content and for collecting valuable insight into the success of your own content on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

  • Overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  • Common reputation management problem areas

  • Process of ORM

    • Monitoring - Being mindful of the company’s online brand

    • Prevention - Building on that brand

    • Cleaning - Fixing any damaging content to your brand

Total Tools Covered.PNG

What kind of training is required for becoming a digital online marketing professional? There are two ways to become involved in digital advertising. Be a promotion or advertising professional already, and find out the abilities necessary to promote your customers or company through digital media. Go to school especially to learn about computers and digital marketing. If you're intrigued by a career in digital online marketing, you'll have to complete some training. If you are currently a student, you may select up a course or two in digital online advertising right on campus. If you are already used, consider digital learning or a work at home program, so it is possible to improve your abilities, but still, have time for your current job. 

You may target particular fields in digital online advertising. If you enjoy creating advertisements, think about learning about flash, video, and CGI techniques, to construct persuasive advertisements that customers respond to. If you prefer writing, enroll in certain classes made to help you learn to compose advertisements to increase client answer, and in turn revenue for your company. Regardless of what your field of interest, make certain any school or program you're attending is accredited and may supply you with the correct accreditation for your field. Whilst the knowledge you gain is very important, some positions and companies need accreditation as evidence of your training, so you'll have to be sure you're able to provide it when required. 

Digital online advertising is promoting and advertising a company throughout the usage of digital media. Including the Internet, mobile phones, social network, and interactive television. As more customers get internet access and various digital media, advertising services, and products to the ready-made audience is indispensable. What kind of digital marketing jobs can be found? Based on your interests and abilities, it is possible to find digital advertising and marketing opportunities with promotion and advertising services, big companies that have their own web or advertising division, and smaller companies that need technical support that may Do everything. Once you've acquired digital marketing skills you may even start your very own company, and create marketing plans for companies and people. 

Check with your university to see if they provide any paid or unpaid internships these are frequently an excellent gateway into a full-time, permanent position. If you're currently employed, look for a digital online marketing position in your very own business. Ensure that your employer is far from your skills, and let them know you're prepared to apply what you've learned when an opening becomes available. You should also check with the college which you did your training with, to see if they have a placement department or program. Ensure you check the major job search websites online and your local newspaper as well so that you can know what positions are available to you.