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Driving Style Reveals About Your ?

Do you know there is three type of people in driving?

1. righty- the person drives on the right edge even there is traffic and looking for the opportunity to over take the vehicle in front of them. I call these guys the risk takers not only in the investment but also in the life. These guys have the answer for everything. if you ask what is your future plan. they will start with saying "I have a plan".i doubt the people start with saying I have plan means I will make a plan in reality.

2. lefty-the one person diving in the left side of the road even there is a gap on the road. These guys are will invest in only known return like a fixed deposit. they eat the only thing which is known by them. They never try new things.

3. century- the person willing to go with a speed between 35 to 50 not more than that because they require quietness in everything even drinking or eating.

if you have seen this behavior with your friend or you in this. let me know these facts are right or wrong. if wrong tells me what I am wrong about.

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