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Digital Marketing Strategy For Online Furniture

SEO website is done but not perfect. There are more corrections need to be done. There is more work can be done on SEO.

  1. Very fewer keywords are targeted on the website. Which is bringing less visibility of the website for the targeted audience. Need to increase the keywords targeted.

  2. The website should contain live chart. Which will make customers interact easily. If you provide an extra discount to the customer

  3. The home page is very important for a website. Which should create the first impression for the customers but there are only images on the home page. There should be more content.

Keywords and positions are not good. We need to gain the traffic from the keywords which will give more results.

The main we will be concentrating on 3 things

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Brand Reach

  3. Brand Familiarity

Every speaks about Brand Awareness but no one talk about other two. The other two as equivalent as the first one.

  • In Brand Awareness phase, our main aim is to reach as many people with the brand as possible with minimum cost.

  • In Brand Reach, utilizing as many platforms as possible to reach the audience because trying to the reach through the same platform for the audience which takes more time than regular.

  • In Brand Familiarity, is missing in the Brand Familiarity means iPhone Symbol on iPhone is an example. The same need to be done with the brand the more no of people see the brand image on the product. This is an indirect recommendation of the product.

Choice of platforms for the promotion

  1. Affiliate Marketing

  2. Display Marketing Through Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  4. Creating a brand for working employees

Affiliate Marketing - There are no of a site that actually helps customers convert they are deal sites and coupon sites. We will try as many coupon sites as possible for the website. These will help in getting the traffic to the website. Display MarketingIn Display marketing advertising we will place the brand ads on the site where the customers are from age 18 to 24. These are customers are easy to target and improve the reach as soon as possible. SEO – There are No of activities other than ranking on the google such as improving the Domain Authority and Page Authority. Submitting PR (Press Release) and Article Submission. Which helps in improving the domain. Creating a Brand for working employees - attracted to things very easy and soon. You can observe these in the variation of interest they chose for a living. Time to Time people change their interest.

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