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Training E-Commerce Bhavans, Hydrabad

This one of my best experiences in training E-Commerce in Bhavans, Hyderabad. All the students who participated in the training are MBA Students. All of the students have their own goals and ambitions. We focused our training based on taking each student's interest in business and digital marketing. 

Training E-Commerce Skill Mine, Bangalore

This session happened on the 29th and 30th of July. I am very happy to conduct corporate training after a long time. I am very much thankful for the skill mine team for giving me a great opportunity to train them. This session covered an overview of Digital Marketing and Social media marketing along with we have gone in-depth on Email marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Google Adwords.

Training E-Commerce Sunbeam School, Chennai

I was very much thrilled to teach kids of my son's age for a change. Sunbeam school is a huge space with greenery around the school. I couldn't express my happiness to see the climate and environment students are studying. I was so happy that I am uploading the video of the school. I may take a little more time to complete this because of my schedule. Happy to see you reading this.