This session happened on 29th and 30th of July. I am very happy to conduct a corporate training after a long time. I am very much thankful for skill mine team for giving me a great opportunity to train them.

This session covered an over view of the Digital marketing and Social media marketing along with we have gone in depth on Email marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Google Adwords.

The team was very much actively participated in the session. The session was entirely interactive session they were able to clarify their doubt and thought during the session. 

Some Key point we discussed is on video marketing. how this video marketing will help us gain traffic. Email marketing where we have seen key important on A/B Testing before sending the mailer to a large data base. Facebook marketing we have seen the various way of creating the audience also spend some time in under standing customer persona. 


I had a good time one day we had pizza and one day we went out to Punjabi Daba for lunch. Once the session started we don't when it got over but one of the big mile stone of my life.